This section is concerned with those Blackhalls or Blackalls of non-Scottish origins.

I have decided that although they are not of Scottish origin they are still of interest as before I can decide whether they belong in my main tree I need to know who they are.
I realised I had a lot of information on these people so I might as well publish it so that it might be of use to people researching English or Irish Blackhalls/Blackalls

A word of warning, the research carried out on these families is not as extensive as that carried out on the Scottish Blackhalls,I have not included sources but anyone wishing to know the sources can contact me and I will provide what I have.

Another point is that some of these people are known at some stages as BLACKHALL and at others as BLACKALL. With this in mind I have extended the limits of my research to include the Blackall surname.

I you think I have the wrong surname attributed to a person, please contact me so that we can try to resolve it

I have constructed another tree for the families that I can find which is linked to below. Please be aware that as reseach continues people may move from one tree to another

I would particularly like to thank Nicci Blackhall for the data that she supplied for her own Blackhall line which originates with William Blackhall (ID 1129) who was born in 1800 in County Tyrone, Ireland and also for giving me permission to publish it.
If anyone wishes to contact Nicci regarding this line, drop me an e-mail and I'll forward it on.

Non Scottish Blackhalls or Blackalls

The links below will take you to a list of orphans for a specific country, I have not put in a list for 'Scottish' orphans yet as they are reasonably easy to sort out.

Clarification on the use of the term 'orphans', I had an e-mail from a rather irate/upset fellow family researcher stating that his/her relation was not an orphan as she knew who the parents were I only use this term as they are people I know about but I do not know enough about them to include them in my family file.

There are two tables for Blackhalls/Blackalls in England.
The first covers Northumberland & Durham,as I have found that most of these originate from Scotland.
The second covers the remainder of the English counties.
(the counties are named using the standard Chapman codes)

If anyone can fill in the blanks for any of the people listed please contact me

England Orphans (Durham & Northumberland)

England Orphans (outwith Durham & Northumberland)

USA Orphans

Canada Orphans

New Zealand Orphans

Australia Orphans

Ireland Orphans

Other Countries Orphans