This part of the website deals with the issues of privacy & genealogy

I had a few thoughts about this and decided to 'google' an answer, I found the following....

Genealogical Privacy - A Contrarian's View

Paul Lareau's website is 'Under Construction' at the moment but Paul has nicely given his permission to reproduce the original page from the old website

After reading this I thought, this guy has hit the nail on the head, especially with the case of living people.

I'll give an example where I came upon this

Incidentally the names used here are fictitious as I have no wish to offend the person who posted the information on a well known Family History website.

On this website I found a wealth of Blackhall information, but could not tie it in, because at the end of the line I got Alexander Blackhall married to LIVING SMITH,(no dates or ages given) they had about 6 children all named LIVING Blackhall all born on the same day. Well thats how it appeared. Recently I came across a death for a Jeannette SMITH, she was the widow of an Alexander Blackhall and after checking various bits and pieces I had made the link I could have made 6 years previously

However, having made my point, if anyone has objections to their personal information being published on this site I will hide the information, but I will not remove names as these are in the public domain

This also applies to the Reidford and Non Scottish areas of the site

Jim Reidford